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Clicks Infotech can help to boost your website traffic. We are the most credible SEO Company in India. We continue to produce results for our clients from the globe. We have experts in all domains as per your need. When you will call us so we can show you how to turn your website traffic to generating more business for you.

Our team of SEO experts consists of the best Link Builders, Content Marketers, Content Writers and Web Developers to deliver only the best results. Why select an SEO company that can’t even be found organically for SEO? With over 500 successful projects and counting, you can’t go wrong by choosing Clicks Infotech. When you will select us then you are ready to increase your traffic everyday.

We Offer Following SEO Services:

  1. Website SEO Audits
  2. Keyword & Research
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Content Marketing Services
  5. On-page SEO Services
  6. Link Building Services
  7. Google Penalty Recovery
  8. Social Medial Marketing
  9. Reporting & Analysis

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SEO Services to Help You Rank Up in Google – Clicks Infotech Digital Marketing Agency

As Google ranks web pages, not web sites, our effort always is to bring the web pages that have lots of information useful for the visitors, the people looking for service/products. The days for spamming and stuffing the webpage with keywords are over, Google has brought in tremendous changes in search algorithms where only quality tops up.

With our SEO Services in India, we put efforts to rank your webpage for different keywords and topics – this is done for all your pages. We also advise our clients to get a mobile-friendly website as 63% of Google searches come from mobile devices and as more number of people start using Smart Phones, the numbers are set to go up. Understanding the importance of mobile phone users’ search behavior, in 2016, Google announced a ranking boost for mobile-friendly websites.

Search engine optimization services India

We have trained professionals who keep an eye on the latest updates from Google and adhere to them without any delay. Thus, we are able to deliver reliable search engine optimization services in India to our clients, help them rank up above the competitors. Our on-page and off-page SEO activities include Keyword Research and Analysis where we focus on High-Commerciality Keywords.

Additionally, we integrate essential on-page SEO mechanical elements and add cornerstone content as well as improve the Title Tag and Description Meta tag. However, as Google gives huge impetus to content and how it is placed in the webpage, we work on Effective Headlines, Sub-headings, Headings Tags, etc.

Ranking top in search engines is what businesses want, with our internet marketing strategies we work on various factors that contribute in higher search engine ranking. For instance, we work on Google’s ranking algorithm which is based on something called Page Rank. We link our client’s web pages with high ranking websites, this helps as Google interprets back links as votes.

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8 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website


Dear all are you looking for more traffic to your website if yes then this article is for you. I’m going to tell you Top 8 significant ways to grow traffic to your website. Just Read the whole article and increase the Traffic.

1. Advertise

Advertising your product or services to your target audience is the most efficient ways to attract your desired customers in less time. There are literally numerous ways to advertising your product and services. Social media, Paid search and display advertising are all exceptional ways of attracting visitors, building your brand and getting your site in front of people. For this you just need to make strategies to suit your goals – are you looking to increase conversions or do you just want more traffic? You need to think carefully about your objectives before you reach for your credit card.

2. Get Social
It’s not enough to provide your target audience great content, but you also need to be proactive. One of the best ways to grow traffic to your website is to use social media channels to endorse your content. Such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and so on.

3. Mix It Up
It’s a fact that there is no magic formula for content marketing success, regardless of what some would have you believe. For this reason, differ the format and length of your content to make it as appealing as possible to diverse kinds of readers.

4. Write Enticing Headlines
Headlines are one of the most significant aspects of your content. Without a tempting or alluring headline, even the most inclusive blog post will go unread. You just need to master the art of headline writing. So you got to think carefully about your headline before you hit “publish.”

5. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO
Do you think SEO is dead? If so, you need to Think again. Optimizing your content for search engines is still quite alive, valuable and worthwhile practice. Are you focusingon image alt text? Do you focus on creating internal links to new content? Do you believe in creating highly effective meta descriptions? Optimizing for on-page SEO is not a lengthy process or unfruitful way to grow your website ranking but it could help you boost your organic traffic quickly.

6. Target Long-Tail Keywords
You just need to target long-tail keywords for a majority of web searches. If you are not targeting them as part of your paid search, you’re missing out.

7. Start Guest Blogging
A true guest blogging is not dead, regardless of what you may have heard. Guest blogging can grow blog traffic to your website and assist build your brand into the bargain.

8. Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site
If you don’t understand what exact guest blogging is- Guest blogging is a two-way street which allows you to take your website traffic to the next level. Besides, posting content to other website or blogs, you need to invite people in your niche to blog on your own site. Just make sure that you only post original, high-quality, and luring content without spammy links, because Google is quite concious about cracking way down on low-quality guest blogging.

Clicks Infotech – A leading Digital Marketing Agency

Outsource Your SEO Work to Clicks Infotech – A Best Digital Marketing Agency in India

Clicks Infotech – A leading Digital Marketing Agency

Welcome at Clicks Infotech a leading Digital Marketing Agency Based in India. Search Engines are the most effective and powerful method to get your business website noticed by customers. Google updates its algorithms often in order to get the relevant results that come up. Most of the business owner and experts say that SEO is dead so they move for Google AdWords. But still, the reality is that SEO is King and it’s giving long term business. So there is no doubt clients should invest in SEO work.

Clicks Infotech is well reputed Digital Marketing Agency in India, offering best SEO, SMO, and Pay per clicks services to clients across the worldwide at very affordable price. We (Clicks Infotech) also offer website design and development services to worldwide clients. Also, we provide the strategical keywords which lead the search to the good ranking. Domain knowledge, experts with great abilities to resolve all the difficulties to make clients website more visible in the search engine and maximize the sale of the website. The Digital Marketing Agency in the UK with its experienced, dedicated SEO consultant is always ready to outbox services to the clients. The main motto of our company: “WE DON’T JUST TALK, BUT WE DELIVER” which means investment is in safe hands. Our agency which offers the Best SEO Services in India, UK, USA and worldwide has a proficient team who can assist clients with the removal of the mistakes due to false backlinks or duplicate contents and efficiently maximize the more traffic and establishes the brand name as a most reputed and trustworthy. Our experts SEO Consultant will analysis the competitor website and he will develop the strategies including all the modern and the leading SEO techniques. Our company with expert professional’s team has received the appreciation from the overseas client’s regarding Our Best SEO Services in India.

Digital Marketing Agency in USA

Clicks Infotech – We don’t compromise with quality. That’s why we have a very high number of Digital Marketing Projects not only from India but from overseas countries as well. Our Digital Marketing Agency in USA which offers the Best SEO Services in the USA and all over the world is punctual with the time and always delivers the expected result within the time frame.

Still, the users from all over the world are searching more on the internet to find the best deal from the sellers around India. Digital marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, e-commerce marketing, campaign marketing, and social media marketing, social media optimization, email direct marketing, display advertising, e-books are becoming more and more common in our advancing technology. Today we all are connected through WhatsApp and Facebook and the increasing use of social media is creating new opportunities for digital marketers to attract customers through a digital platform. Digital marketing is cost-effective and has a great commercial impact on the business.

Clicks Infotech offers amazing Digital Experience and helps our customers to reach their goals faster than our COMPETITORS. These days, success in the business can’t be accessed only by generating revenues. Therefore, it becomes essential for every business to initiate and engage the target customers into captivating the dialogues. Considering this thing, Clicks Infotech, which is the No.1 Digital Marketing Agency in India offers state-of-the-art and all-inclusive web solutions to companies, which facilitate seamless conversation between the companies and their target groups.

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Grow Your Business by Clicks Infotech

15 Effective Ways to Get More Clients in 2019 – Grow Your Business by Clicks Infotech

Grow Your Business by Clicks Infotech

Are you running your own business and getting stress? Looking for someone who can help you to getting new clients for your business. That can be one of the most difficult and anxiety-inducing struggles for a business owner.

Clicks Infotech: In today’s post, I’m sharing few in-depth strategies that will — hands down — help you get more clients for your service-based business. Want to be booked months in advance? Here are my favorite ways to do it:

Freelancing Sites : If you are thinking to get new client form freelancing website then, you need to give time to get new client from freelancing sites and once it start coming in your way there is no limit to get potential client.

Cold Calling : This is also one of the method, You can get data of new domain owner by various methods or many brokers may share with you. You can hire someone and ask that person to call on your behalf.

✅ Follow up with lost clients : Go through your email and find clients you lost 2+ months ago and approach them again.

Email Marketing : You need to work on data for doing email marketing. One of the best way to get clients from all over the world. They still prefer emails as compare to other medium. Keep Trying!!

LinkedIn : Make a good profile on LinkedIn and use sales navigator to reach out to specific people. We used to do it and we have got projects with this method

Twitter : Twitter search is a powerful way to find real-time tweets from people and companies looking to hire or that need help.

Facebook: Actively participate in Facebook groups, A lot of people have been throwing around the idea that “Facebook for business is dead.

Referrals : Referrals from existing clients are one of the best ways to not only get more clients but also earn more for your services as well.

Local Listing : List yourself as Consultant and start getting some reviews and keep updating information

✅ Niche Specific : Go for specific Niche and get expertise into that as i am keep promoting myself as a education or travel consultant. Although it must be one niche but two is fine to get run your agency at better level

Case study for specific Niche : You can make study for one niche and then start approaching other on same niche.

✅ Contacting Big agencies to outsources some of there work.

Paid campaigns : Run your own campaigns for getting clients. Run fb and Google Ads campaign for getting leads.
Feel free to more contribute

Partner with agencies : Partnering with an agency is a great way to bring in new clients. I’ve used this exact strategy and built a partnership with an agency that sends me at least 1 new client per month. I also make sure the agency is larger than my consultancy, so I’m not competing.

Create Blog content : Create Blog Content as per the Client Niche, Blogging is an amazing way to build relationships and become an expert consultant.

We are from Clicks Infotech, A Leading Digital Marketing Agency in India, USA, UK and AUS sharing my best knowledge with you guys