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15 Effective Ways to Get More Clients in 2019 – Grow Your Business by Clicks Infotech

Grow Your Business by Clicks Infotech

Are you running your own business and getting stress? Looking for someone who can help you to getting new clients for your business. That can be one of the most difficult and anxiety-inducing struggles for a business owner.

Clicks Infotech: In today’s post, I’m sharing few in-depth strategies that will — hands down — help you get more clients for your service-based business. Want to be booked months in advance? Here are my favorite ways to do it:

Freelancing Sites : If you are thinking to get new client form freelancing website then, you need to give time to get new client from freelancing sites and once it start coming in your way there is no limit to get potential client.

Cold Calling : This is also one of the method, You can get data of new domain owner by various methods or many brokers may share with you. You can hire someone and ask that person to call on your behalf.

✅ Follow up with lost clients : Go through your email and find clients you lost 2+ months ago and approach them again.

Email Marketing : You need to work on data for doing email marketing. One of the best way to get clients from all over the world. They still prefer emails as compare to other medium. Keep Trying!!

LinkedIn : Make a good profile on LinkedIn and use sales navigator to reach out to specific people. We used to do it and we have got projects with this method

Twitter : Twitter search is a powerful way to find real-time tweets from people and companies looking to hire or that need help.

Facebook: Actively participate in Facebook groups, A lot of people have been throwing around the idea that “Facebook for business is dead.

Referrals : Referrals from existing clients are one of the best ways to not only get more clients but also earn more for your services as well.

Local Listing : List yourself as Consultant and start getting some reviews and keep updating information

✅ Niche Specific : Go for specific Niche and get expertise into that as i am keep promoting myself as a education or travel consultant. Although it must be one niche but two is fine to get run your agency at better level

Case study for specific Niche : You can make study for one niche and then start approaching other on same niche.

✅ Contacting Big agencies to outsources some of there work.

Paid campaigns : Run your own campaigns for getting clients. Run fb and Google Ads campaign for getting leads.
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Partner with agencies : Partnering with an agency is a great way to bring in new clients. I’ve used this exact strategy and built a partnership with an agency that sends me at least 1 new client per month. I also make sure the agency is larger than my consultancy, so I’m not competing.

Create Blog content : Create Blog Content as per the Client Niche, Blogging is an amazing way to build relationships and become an expert consultant.

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